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Ocelot Lynx Showcase

“Lynx Showcase” showcase made in the Rockstar Editor in Grand Theft Auto V.

Creator: DeejayJeanP
Music: 3LAU, Price & Takis

It has been a while since we did a showcase, so we showcase the Ocelot Lynx for you guys ! This clean, luxurious sports car looks amazing, and drives very well to. We figured showing you both versions of the car, the livery one and the clean one.

Hope you enjoy !






This is Logic Films’ version of “Outrun” machinima made in the Rockstar Editor in Grand Theft Auto V.
WarLuxAMVs version can be found here : https://youtu.be/Ijjy_aUc0gM or here:

Creator: DeejayJeanP
Music: ESTA, Ross Bugden

So me and WarLuxAMVs have been playing Need for Speed for a while now, that started back when he was making videos out of car meets on that game. We decided to work together because he liked how my channel has grown, and the content we put out, and I liked the amazing succes (over 30 000 subscribers), and the support he gets from his channel and it’s viewers.

The GTA V community and anime community are two very different ones, but we decided it would be fun to see how we could both shoot one short film, and then show both of our perspectives of our characters in the video, in two separate videos. Also because he has decided to grow his channel into something more than just AMVs, which I find awesome.
We hope you guys enjoy !




“Dis-Obey 2”

“Dis-Obey 2” machinima made in the Rockstar Editor in Grand Theft Auto V.


Creator: DeejayJeanP
Music: Zack Hemsey, N.W.A, The Crazy Wanderer

“Our art is a reflection of our reality.”
I’ll probably start some sh*t with this one, but that’s what the “Obey” series is starting to get known for haha.
After seeing the N.W.A. “Straight Outta Compton” movie, I thought it would’ve been nice to make a video out of the ideas described in that movie.
Even though the movie is about events that happened over 20 years ago, those same problems are the once we still face today, which I find ridiculous. But this is not about starting a discussion, or shouting out some hippie propaganda stuff, this is about a new “Obey” video, so enjoy ! 🙂

SIDENOTE: For all the butthurt people, this video, or any of the other “Obey” videos are NOT about “killing cops”. They are about the editing, music, and gameplay, all mixed together. And since the police are the only dynamic entities in the game that keep coming back to the player with guns, that’s why there are used 🙂


JZX100 CHASER – Slideways 2

“JZX100 CHASER – Slideways 2” machinima made in the Rockstar Editor in Grand Theft Auto V.


Creator: Drowsy
Music: Porter Robinson ft. Amy Millan – Divinity (ODESZA Remix)

I made this video because of my love for drifting and these Toyota’s from the 90’s, like the jzx100 chaser and mark II. I’m pretty stoked to be able to drive on of my favorite cars ever and drift it around Los Santos. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i did when making it.

Stay stoked!



Q&A ! We have answered your questions ! What’s to come !

Q&A ! We have answered your questions !


Hey wassup everyone, this is DeejayJeanP from Logic Films, anddd we would like to thank you guys for sending in all of your questions ! Last wednesday I made a video celebrating 500 subscribers, and also asking all of you to ask us anything for a Q&A, and

You guys killed it, alot of questions were submitted, so let’s jump right into it

We’re gonna start it off with Raperboy gaming, and wiz believa,

They both asked  what kind of system I use to record videos with.

I used to use a PS4, and just used the Share function on it, to record stuff, but I bought myself a new gaming PC a couple months ago, which has a i5 6600K CPU, an Asus Z170 motherboard, 16 Gigs of RAM, is water cooled and has a Nvidia GTX 1070, which I’ll be upgrading soon with another 1070.

Next up:

Epicjorda, TheRedpanda, The One Red, and Zubinindian asked how I make my videos.

So, for GTA, I start of filming a scene, and then I edit that with the Rockstar Editor, I make all the shots and everything, and then import that footage into another editing program called Final Cut Pro X. That program is just like Adobe After Effects, but for Mac. I do all my post editing there, and from there on, I upload everything to Youtube. 

For Need for Speed it’s kinda of the same story, except for that I use the camera mode to make shots, save those, and then edit all of them together in Final Cut Pro.

I sync 99% of all my shots to the music, just because I am a actual DJ, and have been for 14 years. I like using that knowledge, and applying it to making videos. I think it adds an extra layer of depth to the video.

I use that same Final Cut Pro to do all the cuts, transitions, and effects on beat, just by timing them correctly. Some people have asked me before wether there is a extra plugin, or other program to sync footage to the beat, but, as far as I know, there isn’t.

I will probably make some tutorial videos in the future, if you guys would want that, because I do get asked about this stuff very often.

The homie Eric Spencer asked a few questions, how is it like to play alongside him, and well, uhmm, at least he can drive !

Also, how many members does the logic films team have, and who are they:

For now we are three people strong, so I in it, onbviously, and Awit1 and Drowsy are in it, with two, new members on the way, and possibly a third one even.

Why did I decide to start the channel:


 Well, I have been on Youtube for about ten years, back when it started even, if you’d go on my personal channel, you could even see that I posted a Liberty City Stories video, ten years ago haha. So I have always loved Youtube, and everything around it, the creators, the vibe, the way it works, mmost of the time, but I never had anything usefull to contribute to it. Nothing worthy enough of starting a whole new channel for. So when the Editor came out, it finally gave me something to contribute, if I could learn how to make videos. Which I learned, and now we’re here haha. I also knew that both Drowsy and Awit1 enjoyed making videos, so I invited them from the beginning to join in and come along.

Future goals:

I hope to have more and more viewers. For me and for everyone that is on the Logic Films team. Having a big audience is something every content creator wants, everyone wants to have their work be viewed by thousands, if not millions, so I strive for that. And also, I’d want the channel to expand, beyond just gaming videos, but maybe also vlogs of different trips from around the world that I, or other people from the channel make. I want it to be versatile, and I would want it to be a hub, for awesome videos, awesome films. Wether it would be vlogs, skits, gaming videos, it could be anything. Also, I have been taking every step with this channel in a professional way, so I hope to grow in that way too.

So next up, Shika Ryoushi and Game_boyz asked which other games will coming to the channel. Now, I don’t want to spoil too much, but one game that for sure will be making a debute is Forza Horizon 3 when that comes out. I have been looking forward to that game for quite a while now, and videos from that game will be awesome. Also, not every game is suitable for making videos out of. Especially since I don’t think it’s worth it making a video out of a game, and it’s normal 3rd person view, with just the HUD taken off, I mean, anyone could do that. 

So, if the game support anything like a free camera, like GTA or Need for Speed, you can be assured that we will making awesome videos from it 🙂

Now, the big homie Shika Ryoushi, or INKAKU, who you guys have probably have seen in the Sultan RS showcase I did that Rockstar posted, and a bunch of other videos too, posted a FEW good questions, that I’m sure you guys would I appreciate as well, but I’m gonna run through em real quick so this video doesn’t end up being twenty minutes long haha.

His first question was what do I start with.

That actually depends on the video. For example, for my last Obey, obey 9, I just heard that song and thought that I just HAD to make a video for it. That doesn’t happen too often though.

If there is new content, I’ll just shoot whatever the new content is, and then go and look for a song that fits the content, and the overall idea I had for the video. Sometimes finding a good song can take hours haha, I once searched for 5 hours for a song.

The third question is

Wether I finish everything in one sitting.

I usually do. I’ve only had to go back twice for two different videos, for new footage, or just to re-do one shot, so it almost never happens that I have to, or want to do a shot. 

Most of the people that I have worked with, know that my brain is fried by the time a video is done. From filming it, to actually publishing it on Youtube, can sometimes take over 12 hours. Lately I have tried spreading every session, so filming, editing in the Editor, and then editing in Final Cut Pro, which seems to positively influence my workflow, because I don’t keep falling asleep during editing because of tiredness haha.

The fourth question was:

Do I encounter any problems uploading stuff to Youtube, and the quick and easy answer to that is, no haha. Youtube seems to work well, although some things do need fixing, but hey, nothing is perfect haha.

fifth question was

Will we be selling Logic Films t-shirts and caps, or merchandise for that matter.

We don’t know about this yet ! Let us know in the comment section below if you guys would like that ! Then we’ll set it up and get it going ! I will be making some Logic Films caps to give away on my trip in september.

6th question was

What jobs did you guys have before Logic Films.

Well, I don’t see Logic Films as a job, we also don’t make any money of the videos we post. We could, but we wanted the channel to grow organicly, and without ads and all that stuff.

I was and still am a DJ. I make a living out of that, and I also do the finances for a security company. I’m gonna leave it up to Drowsy and Awit1 to answer those questions themselves haha.

7th question:

Did you guys follow any editing classes, or did we just pick it and played with it till we were comfortable with it?

Well, I for one had never edited a video in my life before the Editor came out on the PS4, so I haven’t even been making videos for a year now. I just taught myself everything, and learned by trial and error, the same for learning Final Cut Pro, but with FCP I also learned alot from youtube videos.

I know Drowsy was making videos before me, and I think he taught himself as well, and Awit1 is the only who actually went to the Media Management school, and learned there how to edit and stuff.

Anamaraith asks what my inspiration is in terms of cinematography. I don’t really know, I watch alot of videos of real cars, and I’d say I’d take some inspiration from there, Top Gear has always been a big inspiration, onbviously, and other then that, I don’t actually know.. I just try to show what’s happening in the most logical, or cool way, a way of which I think would be entertaining for you guys to watch.

Chaos Turtle 88 asks,

How do you get all the money to buy all the new content in GTA Online.

I’m not a modder in Online, and I don’t cheat, I think I am level 325 in Online now.

So back before the invasion of new cars started, so before the Reaper and FMJ came out, I used to grind out heists like crazy, with a bunch of friends, up until I had about 20 mil. I used that to buy all the cars, usually I fully upgrade em, but if I know that I’m just getting the car for the showcase, I won’t. Funny enough, and as expected, I ran through all my money now with having bought RE-7B, which was kinda useless, since I shot that on the PC anyway, but now I am left with 220K haha. 

But, fortunately, there are mods on the PC. On the PC it’s alot easier to make videos, and to get the cars. I could just spawn the car that I want in Director Mode, modifiy it how I’d like, and then record everything. So that way I can save money in Online, to buy other stuff.

Furkan Elliyasa asks, what my favorite Turkish food haha. Well, I did say you guys could ask me anything haha. My favorite would have to be, and I’m a 100% sure that I’ll butcher the pronounciation of it, but I think it’s called Sigar Burek, that shit is bombbbb.

AX System asks:

Q: Which would be your suggestions for beginners who are starting making Machinima? (I’m not a beginner, but c’mon this question deserve an “Questions Oscar Award” haha) 

My suggestion would be to just do it. To just start, don’t go and ask everyone how to do something, because the best way you can learn something, is by trial and error. Take notes from the people who’s videos you enjoy, but don’t copy, just be inspired by them. And also, put in work, and make sure that you make all your videos, really your own. I put a lot of effort into making sure that if people would only see one shot of my video, that they’d know that it’s mine. I worked very hard to finding out how to do that, but then again, I had never edited anything a year ago.

 Q2: what is the name of your cat?! :3

My cat’s name is Ikki, and she actually came up with that name herself haha. I wanted to call her Super Woman, or Optimus Prima, since she is a girl, but that turned out to be too long, so while searching for a name, she ran across my Macbook’s keyboard, and typed in ikki54, so I named her that haha. She is now a little over a year old, and I have had her for a little over a year.

Bluejeansgamer asks:

Congrats man! Q&A: What is you favourite car in GTA 5 (Modded and Vanilla)

This is a very difficult one haha. Like Paul Walker said in my Tribute To Cars video, I collect cars, that what I do, my problem is that I appreciate them all haha. If I had to pick one, I’d say the FMJ, every time I drive that, it reminds me of the showcase, and it just looks very good. It’s also a bit wild, which I also like a lot.

As for modded cars, it would have to be the Nissan Skyline R34. That car is my dream car, and drifting that car in GTA is a lot of fun, but on the other hand, if you’d take the drifting mods off, it’s still a very fast and grippy car, which is also very nice.

And finally, Pebbles Hampton asked:

Congrats! We have yet to work together. When will it happen? Lol

Well, ever since I got the new gaming PC, I have been making alot of videos on their, because of the quality, and the overal ease compared to making videos on the PS4. BUT, since there still are alot of people who want to be in, or want to make a video with me in GTA, I will come back to the PS4, and make another video on there, so stay tuned for when that will happen 🙂

Those were all the questions that you guys submitted, and I wanted to thank you guys again for doing so, they were all very nice, and funny.

Going forward, I’d like to announce that since the Slideways video I did is doing well, I figured I would turn that concept in a series. But with a twist, I will be figure out a way to make a sort of poll, where you guys could vote, on which car should be in the next drifting, Slideways video. Hopefully you guys will enjoy that !

And the second video I wanted to turn into a series because it’s doing well, is the Tribute To Cars videos. But with different cars for every video, and also, from different games, so not just GTA. Let us know down in the comments below what you guys think of that idea !

And also, I have thought about the idea of live streaming when recording a new video, for all the people that would like to learn from that, or just see that.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video, leave a like if you did, I definitely enjoyed answering your guys’ questions.

If you have any other questions, leave em down below in the comment section, and we’ll see you guys, in the next one !

We answer your questions !


500 Subscribers ! What’s Next ? Q&A and What’s Coming !

What’s Next ? Q&A and What’s Coming (here on the channel) !


Creator: DeejayJeanP
Music: ESTA

Hey wassup everyone, this is DeejayJeanP from Logic Films, aaaaand we would like to thank all you guys for subscribing !
As most of you probably already have seen, we’ve reached 500 subscribers, which is awesome.
It has only been about 3 weeks since we celebrated 300 subscribers, so it’s amazing to see the channel growing this quickly ! Especially since we haven’t been on Youtube for a year yet, but we’re getting alot of support from you guys !

Now, to celebrate this I will be making a Q&A or AMA video this saturday.
This means that you guys can ask us anything, like literally, anything, ask me what my cat looks like, how long it takes to make a video, how to make a video WITH us, what we use to make videos, anything !
Now, to do that, comment down below what your questions are, and we will be answering all of your questions this saturday.

So, what else is coming ?
Besides the Obey series, the showcases and the machinimas we make, we’re also going to be adding two new series that will be announced on saturday, and also, I will be going on a pretty awesome trip in september, which, if you guys would like, I could vlog so everyone here can go along for the ride ! I have never vlogged in my life, except for some drunk Snapchats after every gig, but we’ll keep that on the DL lol.
And also, we’ll be adding two new members to the Logic Films team, which will also be very exciting. It’s gonna be nice to see what you guys think of their awesome videos.
So, once again, thank all of you guys, sincerely, for subscribing to Logic Films and always posting awesome comments !
We have a lot of exciting things coming up, and also new stuff, besides Need for Speed and GTA.

Thanks again, you are awesome, and we’ll see you guys in the next one, cheers !



Annis RE-7B Showcase

“RE-7B Showcase” showcase made in the Rockstar Editor in Grand Theft Auto V.

Creator: DeejayJeanP
Music: Keys ‘n’ Krates

After being featured by Rockstar for the second time on their front page, we couldn’t leave with a long over due showcase of the RE-7B ! This is allegedly the quickest ca, and also one of the most beautiful ones. It seems to be inspired by the Mazda 787B, or the Nissan ZX GTP from back in the day. We went a bit rough on this one, because this is a true sportscar, hope you enjoy !



“A Tribute To Cars”


“A Tribute To Cars” machinima made in the Rockstar Editor in Grand Theft Auto V.

Creator: DeejayJeanP
Music: London Grammar

Again, time for something different! I came across a tribute video to Paul Walker by Steven Toozer and got inspired to make this video. All the cars driven in this video are driven by computer controlled clones of my character. The cars are from YCA’s car pack.

Paul Walker meant a lot to me. As a kid I grew up loving cars, and going to car shows, but never being able to give it a place. After having seen The Fast And The Furious while being on holiday, I fell in love with the film because it showed me where my love for cars should be placed.
Paul Walker played a huge role in that for me, and I’m sure for many others as well.
The day he passed was a bad one, especially since I had to go and celebrate my birthday on that day as well since I had been given a whole club to myself to celebrate. This is a tribute to him, and to cars, because we love both of em !

Rest in peace man, I hope you enjoy this, this one is for you 🙂

– DeejayJeanP

And don’t forget, all the GTA V cars featured in this video have their own showcases ! Check out this playlist to watch them :




“Slideways” Machinima made in the Rockstar Editor in Grand Theft Auto V.

Creator: DeejayJeanP
Music: General Levy

Thank the world for mods ! As it is one of DeejayJeanP’s favorite cars, he was reluctant to give the Nissan Skyline R34 a go round Los Santos, sideways ! Such outrageous drifting needs an outrageous soundtrack, so what else better than the amazing, drum and bass classic “Incredible” by General Levy.

Hope you enjoy !

Get the Nissan Skyline BNR34 here :

Previous video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mpOFh3Iwlg&list=PLLzit-lkXVodM9XWj6LdS69kQxlYAK8_y

Next video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNwfwnXq67Y